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Dress Code

The faculty, staff and administration at Walkertown High School believe that a student’s dress and grooming has an effect upon their attitude and behavior.  Disruption of the learning environment by the presence of unorthodox dress and grooming will not be permitted.  The classroom is not the proper place to display outlandish, distracting, or inappropriate grooming and dress fads.  Primarily the 1st period teachers will monitor dress and grooming and all teachers are charged with the responsibility of enforcing student dress code in their classes, hallways and within campus boundaries.  A student may be referred to the office at any time during the school day for advisement of attire.  The following list will be a guide in determining appropriate/inappropriate student dress on campus.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian that the student adheres to the dress code as follows:

1.   General

Students may NOT wear any clothing, jewelry, or accessories with decorations, patches, lettering, advertisements, and etc., that depict:

·    alcohol

·    weapons

·    nudity

·    sex

·    drugs

·    obscene language/graphics

·    sexual innuendos

·    offensive messages/profanity/violence

·    inappropriate slogans

·    satanic themes

·    tobacco products

·    gang membership/gang affiliation (AR 5131.4) 

2.   Students may NOT wear any symbols, styles or attire frequently associated with gangs, intimidation, violence or violent groups about which students at a particular school have been notified as described in AR 5131.4

3.   Shirts & Blouses

·    Must have sleeves that cover the shoulder (no racer backs, tank tops, spaghetti tops, tube tops, halters or crop tops). No cleavage should be visible.

·    All shirts/blouses must cover top of the pants or skirt at all times (no skin showing at any time)

· All shirts, sweaters, blouses, tops, and dresses must cover both shoulders and underarm and may not expose the midriff, lower back or chest.

· A male’s shirt should cover the entire shoulder. No tank tops or shirts with cut off sleeves.

· No fishnet, mesh, transparent and/or see-through material may be worn.

4. Dresses, Skirts, Shorts & Skorts must rest below the student’s mid-thigh. (The hem must be below the student’s fingertips.)


5.   Pants

·    Pants may not be worn with holes above the knees which allow skin or undergarments to show

·    Excessive baggy pants are not permitted.  Pants are to be secured at the waist, not worn below hips (sagging) and not restricting movement or exposing any undergarments.

·    Leggings, skinny jeans, dance pants and tights or the like must be covered by a top or bottom that is below mid-thigh in length (The hem must be below the student’s fingertips).

Pajamas, loungewear, or clothing that depicts sleepwear or loungewear (example: flannel pajama pants).

6.   Miscellaneous

·    Shoes will be worn at all times.  Bedroom slippers are not allowed.

·    No fronts or grills may be worn during the school day. They will be taken and can be picked up in the office.

·    No undergarments of any kind (bras, boxers, etc.) should be visible.

·    Spandex shorts or pants or tight sweatpants are not to be worn.

·    Pants or skirts that have been torn or altered with openings/holes must be worn over leggings.

·    No sunglasses may be worn in the building.

·    Rosaries worn to school may not be visible at any time.

7.   Head Coverings/Hats/Hair

·    No headgear may be worn unless approved by an administrator.

·    No hair curlers, doo rags, headbands, or bandanas may be worn.

·    No hats may be worn inside the building during the school day. They will be taken and can be picked up in the office.

8.   Blankets are not allowed in school.



Walkertown High School believes it is important that students “adhere to standards of dress and appearance compatible with an effective learning environment when attending school” (Policy 5131.4, C, 1).  If a student is not in compliance with the WSFCS dress code, an administrator will require the student to change or adjust his/her clothing in order to meet the dress code standards. Where possible, the school will provide a change of clothing to those who violate the dress code. If no clothing is available, the student must return home to change in to clothing that adheres to the dress code.  If the student is unable to return home to change clothing, he/she will go to ISS.  Any prohibited item can be held for release to parents/guardians.