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Remind--The 411 On Transportation--When You Need to Know

We are so excited to share with you about an app that is going to make life so much easier; it’s called Remind. This app will allow us to let you know when changes in transportation occur. Whether it’s a late bus or a sub, we can keep you in the know. 

Remind is a free app, designed for and by teachers, to communicate with students and parents. With a quick text or email, you can sign up to receive either a text or an email (or both) when we have an update in transportation. Our plan is to send out messages when: there is a sub bus (with the number), there is a bus leaving late from school, a bus has a sub and may be delayed, or when a bus has to absorb another bus’s route. We will only send messages when there are changes or variances. For morning bus information, it could be sent out as early as 6:00 am.

Signing up is easy! You can go to and enter the class code @c8fd4a to join the Assistant Principal Transportation Information class. Or you can also text the class code @c8fd4a to 81010 to receive text messages when there are updates. We can assure you, there is no unsolicited email or texting that happens; you will only receive messages when they go out to communicate transportation changes. You will not be able to text back to Whitaker.

If you have questions, requests or comments, you will still need to call the school at 336.703.6740 or email Lindsay Mikesell, to communicate with someone here.

We are looking forward to using this tool to keep parents informed!