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Human Relations Award Winner

Jada epitomizes the ROAR expectations at Kernersville Elementary School. Without a doubt, she has more compassion and empathy for her fellow classmates than any other student I have ever taught. She will work with any child, going beyond what is necessary to see that others are successful. She celebrates their successes and tries to be helpful when someone needs a hand up. Jada has respect for her fellow peers and also to all adults she comes in contact with. She gives to every charity that we raise funds for, participates in every fundraiser, joins every service and civic club available, and still manages to be an Honor Roll student. There is not a single achievement that can point to Jada being worthy of this award. It is simply an overall combination of her personality, drive, and effort that makes her very deserving. I don't think it is possible to think of Jada without only having positive comments to say. She is a shining example of what a young person should strive to be. I am proud to be her teacher.

~Ms. Amy Wilson

5th Grade Teacher