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RJR yearbooks  
old RJR Yearbooks are for $30 each
As can be seen from the pictures above of old yearbooks "stored" at Reynolds High School, there are a LOT of them!
To decrease this number, Mrs. Traci Latta  (the teacher that "oversees" the creation of each new well as the person that has to "work around" all these books each day) has decided to stage a sale.  ALL of the older yearbooks she has will be available for $30 each!  Should you wish to purchase one:  merely send Traci an email at  Tell her:
* your name
* the year book "date(s)" you are interested in
* your mailing address. 
She will get back with you concerning how to pay for your purchase.
These yearbook are obviously sold on a first come-first served the quantity of books availbale for the year(s) you want may be not large.  ACT NOW!
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