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  • There will be a Classified Advisory Council Meeting for all General Body Representatives on Tuesday, January 21st at 2pm in the Auditorium of the Education Building.  

  • The By-Laws for the Classified Executive Team and Council have been updated and revised. Please take a moment to review. They are located in the By-Laws tab to the left.  
  • Congratulation the all Classified Employees that were nominated for the 2016 -2017 Classified Employee of the Year. The Semi-Finalist will be announced on January 22, 2016. 

2016 - 2017

Classified Employee

Of the Year Nominees


Alderman, Sharon                                                      Kernersville Elementary School   
Arora, Seema                                                              Speas Elementary School
Austin, Tamiko                                                           Sherwood Forest Elementary School
Barnes, Joseph                                                            Southeast Middle School
Birmingham, Catherine                                             Paisley Middle School                                                                           
Blancas, Criseida Lopez                                            Rural Hall Elementary School
Boone, Evelyn                                                             Petree Elementary School
Brown, Shannon                                                         The Special Children’s School
Campbell-Sheran, Grace                                           Paisley Middle School
Carter, Kenneth                                                          Lowrance Middle School
Cartrette, Suzanne                                                      Flat Rock Middle School
Chandler, Shelia                                                          Northwest Middle School
Coe, Jacqueline                                                           Carver High School
Coone, Cheryl                                                             Konnoak Elementary School
Cope, Meghan                                                             Atkins Academic & Technology High School
Crayton, Rosalyn                                                        Wiley Middle School 
Creef, Louise                                                              Children’s Center
Fansler, Janice                                                             Mount Tabor High School
Fay, Richard                                                               Kernersville Elementary School
Garcia, German                                                           Petree Elementary School
Gibson, Zane                                                               Sedge Garden Elementary School
Grace, Angela                                                             Jefferson Elementary School
Hair, Susan                                                                  Bolton Elementary School
Hairston, Cedric                                                          Lowrance Middle School
Hawley, Bunny                                                           Ward Elementary School
Hazel, Monica                                                             Jefferson Elementary School
Hickman, Marty                                                          Carter High School
Hutchens, Diane                                                         Transportation – Bus Driver
Jameson, Susan                                                           Morgan Elementary School
Kariem, Shanee                                                           Sedge Garden Elementary School
Kennedy, Jennifer                                                       Diggs-Latham Elementary School
Knapp, Jean                                                                Walkertown Middle School
Landreth, Sharon                                                       Piney Grove Elementary School
Leon, Isabel                                                                Forest Park Elementary School
Lindsay, Teaquoise                                                    Griffith Elementary School
Loflin, Danny                                                             Maintenance
Love, Angela                                                              Flat Rock Middle School
Martin, Sudoria                                                         Children’s Center
McEachin, Ginetta                                                    Northwest Middle School
Morgan, Jan                                                              Old Town Elementary School
Morrison, Robert                                                      Petree Elementary School
Mumford, Serena                                                      Sedge Garden Elementary School
Murrell, Ola                                                               Old Town Elementary School
Napper, Daryl                                                            Flat Rock Middle School
Parker, Mia                                                                Kimberley Park Elementary School
Parson, Kristin                                                           Sedge Garden Elementary School
Peddycord, Melody                                                    Sedge Garden Elementary School
Pendley, Betty                                                             Southwest Elementary School
Phillips, Kimberly                                                      Jefferson Elementary School
Potter, Sylvia                                                              Mineral Springs Elementary School
Reaves, Monica                                                          Ward Elementary School
Rickert, Kara                                                              Sedge Garden Elementary School
Robertson, Kelly                                                        Smith Farm Elementary School
Robinson, Syrita                                                         Forest Park Elementary School
Routh, Dana                                                                Kernersville Elementary School
Rudel, Sheri                                                                Caleb’s Creek Elementary School
Saunders, Kristine                                                      Jefferson Middle School
Schoenfield, Monica                                                   Clemmons Middle School
Sherrill, Sylvia                                                            Lewisville Elementary School
Shore, Diane                                                               Mount Tabor High School
Snyder, Jennifer                                                          Jefferson Middle School
Spell, Lou Ann                                                            Children’s Center
Spragins, Amy                                                             Kimmel Farm Elementary School
Stack, Lynnette                                                           Kernersville Elementary School
Stancliff, Sherry                                                          Hospital/Homebound
Stanley, Kristi                                                             Hospital/Homebound
Taylor, Jeffrey                                                             Department of Technology
Thomas, Mary                                                             Jefferson Elementary School
Thorpe, Susan                                                             Bolton Elementary School
Tibbs, William                                                            Piney Grove Elementary School
Torres, Maria                                                              Easton Elementary School
Totten, Lisa                                                                 Petree Elementary School
Van Steen, Judy                                                          Old Town Elementary School
Vaughn, Ramona                                                        Lowrance Middle School
Wade, Anita                                                                Mount Tabor High School
Wallace, Angela                                                          Department of Technology
Walser, Cynthia                                                          Sedge Garden Elementary School
Weaver, Pamela                                                          Easton Elementary School
Wemyss, Shannon                                                       Cash Elementary School
Wilcox, Lee                                                                  Jefferson Elementary School
Woodward, Patricia                                                    Cash Elementary School
Yellock-Trinidad, Brittaney                                        Old Town Elementary School


Last Modified on January 13, 2016