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Below are the nominees for the 2017 – 2018 Classified Employee of the Year. Congratulations to each of the nominee's and THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication to all of the students, staff, and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County community !!


Alderman, Sharon                         Kernersville Elementary School                    

Anderson, Kenneth                        Konnoak Elementary School
Argabright, Cynthia                      Jefferson Middle School

Bailey, Kathy                                 Caleb’s Creek Elementary School

Blanks, Eric                                   Morgan Elementary School

Booth, Catherine                           Bolton Elementary School

Bryan, Sharon                               Glenn High School

Burchette, Lisa                              Glenn High School

Burns, Lourdes                              Konnoak Elementary School

Campbell-Sheran, Grace              Paisley Middle School

Capers, Jeannie                             Konnoak Elementary School

Chamelin, Lynette                        Union Cross Elementary School

Church, Shari                              West Forsyth High School

Comer, Jennifer                           Rural Hall Elementary School

Del Valle, Yvonne                        Smith Farm Elementary School

Figueredo, Josue                         Petree Elementary School

Foster, Ebone’                             Philo-Hill Magnet Academy

Freeman, Sharon                       Program Services

Fuller, Wanda                            Children’s Center

Funk, Sandra                            Kernersville Elementary School

George, Theresa                       Ashley Elementary School

Gomez, Jose                              Piney Grove Elementary School

Green, India                             Lowrance Middle School

Griffin, Brian                           Southeast Middle School

Hamlin, David                         Atkins Academic & Technology High School

Herring, Felicia                       Clemmons Middle School

Hunter, Kimberly                    Sherwood Forest Elementary School

Jeter, Shelba                            Accountability Services

Johnson, Jernetta                   Ashley Elementary School

Johnson, Lisa                          Ashley Elementary School

Jones, Cynthia                        J.F. Kennedy High School

Kennedy, Stephanie               Maintenance

Lambeth, Regina                   Bolton Elementary School

Leon, Isabel                            Forest Park Elementary School

Lim, Yongsung                       Jefferson Middle School

Marshall, Sheri                      Konnoak Elementary School

McCloud, Tamika                  Morgan Elementary School

McEachin, Ginetta                 Northwest Middle School

McMahon, Jessica                  Union Cross Elementary School

Middleton, Anne                     Jefferson Middle School

Moses, Jaleccia                       Jefferson Middle School

Murphy, Jessica                      Morgan Elementary School

Norman, Julie                         Kernersville Elementary School

Perry, Tara                              Forest Park Elementary School

Plunkett, Robin                      Caleb’s Creek Elementary School

Reece, Rita                              Ward Elementary School

Rumple, Tina                          Caleb’s Creek Elementary School

Saner, Martin                          Lowrance Middle School

Santos, Angela                        Kernersville Elementary School

Scales, Cynthia                       North Forsyth High School

Smith, Brian                           Southeast Middle School

Stack, Lynnette                      Kernersville Elementary School

Stamper, Kathy                      Konnoak Elementary School

Surratt, Heather                    Division I Elementary Schools

Thompson, Tommie               Glenn High School

Totten, Lisa                             Philo-Hill Magnet Academy

Vogel, Nancy                           Bolton Elementary School

Weaver, Pamela                      Easton Elementary School

Whicker, Renee                      Kernersville Elementary School

Whicker, Sandra                     Kernersville Elementary School

White, Norma                         Forest Park Elementary School

White, Shannon                      Gibson Elementary School

Williams, Donna                     Easton Elementary School

Wilson, Allison                        Cash Elementary School

Witt, Lesley                             Caleb’s Creek Elementary School

Young, Nikki                           Ashley Elementary School



  • Please utilize the Classified Issue Bin if you have any questions or concerns that you as a classified staff person need assistance with. We will respond to your questions or concerns within 48 hours after receiving it.  




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