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You are at the right place to learn about what great things are happening at RJR, as well as information on the Class reunions (we have been informed of), and of the various initiatives of your RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and RJR Staff.  Also, we offer links to on-line videos of school performances staged at Reynolds Auditorium (such as concerts performed by RJR's Band, Orchestra, the Choirs, as well as students specializing in dance, and other "entites" such as the Key Club Follies).

With Reynolds High School having been transformed into an arts magnet school, there were 284 students in Forsyth County (last spring) outside the geographic area Reynolds serves who put their names in a lottery to be able to "win" one of the 221 "seats" available last year (which means there is a waiting list of of 63 students wanting to attend RJR)!!        

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The words today are the same as in 1949 when they were first written:   


Amid the pines she proudly stands!

2016 Class picture
CONGRATULATIONS to the RJ Reynolds High School Class of 2016
If you would like to receive periodic updates from the RJR Alumni, merely send an email to RJRdirectory@aol.com (with the subject line of "add me to the list").  Also, please inform your classmates about this website....so that a lot more of the 39,028 Reynolds High School alumni (as of 2015-2016) will know what great things are taking place "amid the pines."

We need your help with this website! 

We want to be able to inform all visitors coming to our website of the MANY various initiatives on-going at Reynolds High School today (that desire Alumni funding and/or participation), as well as the MANY various internet-related groups formed by RJR alumni (such as those found on Facebook.com, MySpace.com, Classmates.com, etc.).  If you have information about any such initiative or group, please send us an e-mail with information about it (so we can post that onto our website...so everyone coming to our website can learn about it).  Send the e-mail to RJRhighschool@aol.com by clicking here ( * ).  Please make the subject-line of the e-mail "helping the website".
Also, we want you to know that your RJR Alumni in the past has in the past awarded one or two $1,000 scholarships (to deserving graduating seniors).  We have also annually awarded $1,000 to the RJR Teacher of the Year (with that recipient being selected by their peers).  Thus, we have an on-going annual expenses of at least $1,000....which is ONLY funded via donations from alumni and friends of Reynolds High School.  (Information about the past scholarship winners and Teachers of the Year can be found by clicking here ( * ).   We would hope that YOU would be willing to send us a (tax deductible) donation to help fund these important initiatives for next year (because in 2016 year we only had enough funds to award the Teacher of the Year Award).  You can send your check (made out to "RJR Alumni & Friends") to:  RJR Alumni & Friends * P.O. Box 26172 * Winston-Salem, NC 27114.
The bottom-line to this request is fairly simple:  if we don't receive enough funding to award these scholarships and Teacher of the Year awards...they will cease!   Can't you send send us a (tax deductible) donation...so that RJ Reynolds High School can conitnue to boast that it is the ONLY public high school in N.C. where the alumni show their support of their alma mater by annually offering two $1,000 scholarships and a $1,000 teacher of the year award?!!
Our mailing address is:  RJR Alumni & Friends * P.O. Box 26172 * Winston-Salem, NC 27114. 

Also, it is our desire that when your Class next stages its reunion that you seriously consider raising some (tax deductible) funding for this annual RJR Alumni initiative.  As an example of what can be done in one evening:  click here ( * ) to read an article about the Class of 1968 raising over $9,000 (in one evening) at their last reunion. 
older picture of school and auditorium     Early history of Reynolds High School and Auditorium

To contact us at the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends" organization: click here ( * ) to send an e-mail to Harry Corpening (who is the President of this organization). Please put "RJR alumni" in the subject line. Should you wish to call him, his number is (336) 575-9476.