Old Richmond Classrooms

Our teacher webpages are being created using PowerLearning this year.  You will receive a letter soon explaining how you can login to see the class pages of the teachers your child has this year.  Students will also learn at school how to login to access their teachers' pages.   
Mr. Abbott & Ms. Wiley
Ms. Boles & Ms. Kremleva
Ms. Cloer & Ms. Brayboy
Ms. Tuttle (K/1) & Ms. Comer

1st Grade
Ms. Humphrey
Ms. Nolte
Ms. Thomas
Ms. Tuttle (K/1) & Ms. Comer  
2nd Grade
Ms. Irby
Ms. Hepler
Ms. Rogers
Ms. Wyatt 
3rd Grade
Ms. Brown
Ms. Hatcher
Ms. Plouff
Ms,. Mulhern
4th Grade
Ms. Hampton
Ms. Koppenheffer
Ms. Samuels 
5th Grade
Ms. Bostic
Ms. Shore
Ms. Smith 
Ms. Boyd - Computers
Ms. Joyce -  Media
Ms. Luper - Art
Ms. McKinney - Music
Ms. Knox - PE
Ms. Orgnon - Guidance
EC Teachers & PRTs:
Ms. Morris - Resource
Ms. Champion - Resource
Ms. Renegar - SLP
Ms. Hunt - ESL
Ms. Strong - AIG
Ms. Byers -Interventions
Ms. Micek, Reading Interventions 
Ms. Frye - 1st Grade TA
Mr. Brookshire - Principal
Mr. Suber - Assistant Principal
Ms. Sheppard - Curriculum Coordinator
Ms. Burchette - Home School Coordinator
Ms. Schneider, Testing Facilitator


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Last Modified on January 17, 2017