Staff E-mail Addresses by Grade Level

Pre-K Classroom

Kindergarten Classes

Ms. Nikolaidis and Ms. Sealy
1st Grade Classes
2nd Grade Classes
3rd Grade Classes
4th Grade Classes
5th Grade Classes
Specialists / EC/ ESL
Ms. Hayes-Foutty - AG 3rd Grade
Ms. Gregg - AG 4th Grade 
Ms. Howell - AG 5th Grade
 Mr. Raines - Art
Ms. Shear-Jones - EC Resource
Ms. A. Smith - EC Resource 
Mr. Brame - ESL 
Ms. Felder - Guidance
Ms. Torrence - Guidance 
Ms. Cahoon - Speech and Language Pathologist
Ms. S. Smith - Speech and Language Pathologist 
 Miss Snyder and Ms. Pleva-Snyder - Library Media
Ms. Farthing - Music 
Mr. Ward - Music
Mr. Frick - PE and Healthy Living
Ms. Hooker - PE and Healthy Living 
 Ms. Carroll - Reading
Ms. Gupton - Science
Student Services/ Instructional Support 
Ms. Calhoun - School Psychologist
Ms. Felder - Guidance
Ms. Torrence - Guidance 
Ms. Gomez - School Social Worker  
Ms. Flynn - School Nurse 
Dr. Stevens - Home School Coordinator
  Mr. Staton - Technology Facilitator/Testing Coordinator
Mr. Anderson - Teaching Assistant 
Ms. Byrne - Teaching Assistant 
Ms. Earhart - Teaching Assistant
Ms. Furbee - Teaching Assistant 
Mr. Goodson - Teaching Assistant 
Mr. Herron - Teaching Assistant 
Ms. Mitchell - Teaching Assistant
Ms. Watson - Teaching Assistant
Mr. Williams - Teaching Assistant 
Administration/Office Staff
Ms. Baker - Interim Principal
Ms. Tribby - Incoming Principal 
Ms. Sutton-Chaplin - Assistant Principal, Title I Coordinator 
Ms. Kerns - Assistant Principal 
Ms. Slusher -Curriculum Coordinator
Ms. Lashmit - Data Manager
Ms. Spragins - Secretary 
Mr. Staton - Testing Coordinator/Tech Facilitator 
Ms. Velez - Lead Secretary
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