• School Improvment Team 

    Our School Improvement Team (SIT) meets the second Tuesday of every month to discuss school wide programs, policy and procedures.  The SIT provides leadership and a collabortaive partnership forum for all school stakeholders.  Our SIT team is responsible for our School Improvement Plan, a data-driven provess to provide continuous improvment for our school.

     2016 2018 SIP

    2016 SIT Team Members:  Alicia Bailey (Principal), Allison Coble (Assistant Principal), Melissa Barrett (Co Chair and 1st Grade Rep, 2016), Andrea Smith (4th Grade Rep), Leslie Yokely (Media Coordinator, 2012), Cammie Read (Chair and 3rd Grade Rep, 2016), Brent Byrum (5th Grade Rep, 2016), Lisa Bendt (2nd Grade Rep, 2015), Vickie Richardson (K Rep, 2016), Brian Schmoyer (Encore Rep, 2014), Elisha Greene (EC Rep, 2016), Stephanie Tuttle (Curr Coordinator) and Shannon Wemyss (Classified Rep, 2016).

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