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Name: Mrs. H. DuBois, Media Coordinator
Name: Mrs. Riden, Media Assistant
Subject: Media
Welcome to the Caleb's Creek Media Center! Open checkout is every morning from 8:30 to 9:00 as long as you check in with your teacher first. Each class also comes for class and checkout. Additional classes are scheduled with teachers as needed to best fit the current teaching needs in the flex time available.
Please consider helping out with our FIRST EVER Donors Choose project!! We want to fund iPads and cases for ALL Caleb's Creek students to be able to use in the library on projects such as green screen videos, stop motion animation, and other awesome apps that will help engage students in research and sharing information about what they learn. Apps such as Chatterpix Kids, Shadow Puppets EDU, and DoInk will be used along with others as we get more experience. To donate, please go to our project link here to donate before Feb 26th. If you donate before Nov. 5th and use the code LIFTOFF, your donation up to $50 will be MATCHED by Donors Choose! 
Destiny Catalog - You can also see links to reference sources, Livebinders, and other helpful links here.
Visit our Media Center Blog at  to follow projects and find cool resources!
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