21st CCLC Juntos Program

The mission of the program is to motivate students to graduate high school and access to a higher education.

Juntos (pronounced “Who-n-toes”) means “Together” in Spanish and works to unite community partners, such as, WSFCS, NC State University, and Crosby Scholars to provide ESL/LEP and all 6-12th grade students and their parents with knowledge, skills, and resources to prevent youth from dropping out and to encourage families to work together to gain access to college. This program is free of charge thanks to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Federal Grant through NC State University and the YMCA of NWNC as a subcontractor. The 21st CCLC Juntos Program reduces this risk by bringing together 6-12th grade youth to support each other for 3-4 years as they enter high school and prepare together for higher education.

The Juntos Program is an intensive long-term program made up of multiple components:


First, youth meet Monday-Thursday from 3:40pm-6:45pm. Students have the opportunity to do their homework with the assistance of a NC Certified Teacher and works on EOC & SAT/ACT prep to promote academic success. Students also receive Project Based Learning where they are able to have fun while being engaged in Common Core Standards.


Second, a Teacher Liaison provides one-on-one Success Coach who helps them remediate academic deficiencies, learn study habits, and work towards their academic and personal goals.


Third, youth and families come together for 6 consecutive weeks for the Juntos Family Workshop Series and then continue to meet monthly to make college a realistic family goal. Also to share knowledge about careers and specific colleges, and prepare for entrance exams, college applications, scholarships, and financial aid.


Fourth, youth participate in life skills every month.


 Fifth, Juntos youth take part in field trips to colleges and other Juntos events like the Juntos Summer Academy. The Juntos Summer Academy is a week-long experience at a local University where youth participate in special university classes, college student panels, STEM activities, and leadership training.

  • to increase youth’s abilities to succeed in high school, to discover the benefits of higher education, and to become aware of how to attain a college education

  • to expand family-school-college partnerships and capacity in North Carolina to help Latino youth graduate from high school and eventually college


  • to help ESL/LEP and all families and community members to come together as a support group to help each other realize their desires to get a higher education

    To learn more about the 21st CCLC Juntos Program please visit their website:  Juntos


    You may contact the 21st CCLC Juntos Program Director, Vivian Pérez, 336-829-0906 or v.perez@ymcanwnc.org


Last Modified on October 21, 2015