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PowerSchool, the new Student Information System for NC, is the first major deliverable in the Home Base project designed to better support teachers, parents and students with strong and modern technology tools. Home Base aims to help educators customize learning for individual students, help parents stay engaged, and encourages students to collaborate and connect. 
The student data collected in PowerSchool will directly integrate with the instructional tools to enable individualized student instruction and eliminate redundant data entry.

Home Base will provide collaboration and instructional tools and resources, student assessments, learner profiles and reporting tools to help teachers customize lessons.


Frequently Asked Questions

   1.      What is the timeline for conversion/implementation from NCWISE (eSIS) to PowerSchool (SIS)?

The switchover will take place during the summer before the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.


   2.      What is Home Base?

Home Base has two key components: a statewide, instructional improvement system (IIS) and student information system (SIS or PowerSchool) for teachers, students, parents and administrators.

·       Teachers will be able use Home Base to access student data and teaching and learning rquestions esources.

·       Students will be able to access their schoolwork, grades and learning activities.

·       Parents will be able to view their child's attendance and progress.

·       Administrators can monitor data on students, teachers and schools.


   3.      What does Home Base mean to a Teacher?

Home Base is quite literally your “home base,” where you will easily find all of your instructional and professional tools in one place – under one login. It’s where you’ll take attendance, post grades, create your lesson plans, and communicate with students, parents and other educators. You’ll have access to assessment data, as well as the ability to create and deliver assessments. Home Base is replacing your current gradebook ‘Teacher Assistant Module (TAM).’


   4.      How will teachers be trained in PowerSchool?

PowerSource is the online training resource that will be used for all current NCWISE users. PowerSource accounts have been created by role type: Teachers, Data Managers, Principals, etc.


   5.      What do I need to do to get an account for PowerSource?

Current NCWISE Users have been emailed with a link from that will allow them to activate their accounts. Directions are included in this email.

*It is very important that the profile title is not changed when creating these accounts. 


   6.      How will the LEAs receive training?

Once PowerSource accounts are activated for all users in like groups (ie: Principals, Counselor, Lead Secretary, etc.) will receive a separate email listing recommended Distance Learning courses.  Please be on the lookout for this email and do not delete or mistake as Spam.  You will also have access to other online training through Distance Learning and Mastery in Minutes that is relevant to your role at your school.


   7.      What is Distance Learning and Mastery in Minutes?

Distance Learning is a database of in-depth training modules that can be taken at the user’s own pace.  Mastery in Minutes are quick ‘snip-its’ of PowerSchool functionality.


   8.      Will teachers and staff earn CEUs or credits towards AEOP/SIA for taking courses in PowerSource?

Yes.  As the process for collecting training hours is being developed you should save your certificates of completion as a PDF or print.  Specific details on submitting hours of credit to HR will be provided in the future.


   9.      Do I have to take all of the sessions assigned to my PowerSource Account?

No, the assignments are the recommended courses based on your role.  However, the information in the modules will serve as the knowledge-base that you will be expected to know for your position/role.


 10.     What languages do the student and parent portals support?

PowerSchool includes translation of student and parent web access into 18 different languages. This does not translate data coming from PowerSchool, but it does translate all static labels that exist within the student and parent portal. The 18 languages (in addition to English) include: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, French Creole, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.


 11.     What ‘comments’ are available to teachers in the grade book? 

The schools can create a predefined set of comments for the teachers to use in the grade books.  Teacher comments can be viewed by the parents and printed on the report card.


12.     Can Parents and Students access PowerSchool Parent Portal or Student Portal?

PowerSchool for Parents app is available for download from the App Store and compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®*.  Parents and students can easily view grade progress, review assignments and more!  You can also use PowerSchool for Parents to register to receive email alerts for grades, attendance, assignments and more.  (* Version 1.4.1 makes PowerSchool for Parents compatible with iPhone 5 and iOS 6. It is recommended to update to PowerSchool 7.2.3 or later and requires iOS 4.3 or later for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.)

There are several overviews available, depending on your role.
Teacher Overview               This demo provides an overview from a school level perspective. 
Administrator Overview    This demo provides an overview from a district level perspective.  
Parent Overview                   This demo provides an overview from a parent's perspective.