Materials Needed This Week
Pen, Pencil, paper etc.  Food magazines (if you have any).
What's Happening This Week
Welcome to Foods! This week (January 22-24students are starting on objective 1.01- Kitchen Safety and Sanitation. We are going to be learning what is in the kitchen, what are the safety procedures, and what to do and not do in my labs.
Bring To Class
Same as above (materials needed this week)
Extra Credit Time
Please bring in magazines, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, etc to get extra credit. Also, if you would like to donate all purpose flour, sugar, brown sugar, confectioner's sugar, or anything else to class it will be taken as an extra credit quiz grade. 
---Recipes ---
You should have in your recipe book the bean burrito, pizza, cookies, brownies, smoothie, eggs, and soup. The only one I cannot post is the soup because each group did their own recipe. Look in the cookbooks in class for those.
---CURRENT EVENT TOPICS (Not limited to these topics! You can choose any NEWS WORTHY story that deals with foods!) ----
Food Safety
Food sanitation
team work and Food
Food conservation
Family Life Cycle
Measuring, cutting, and cooking techniques
Cooking equipment
Food labels
Cooking procedures and methods
Food etiquette
Table manners
Nutrients and nutrition
Special nutritional needs
Chronic diseases that deals with foods
Eating plans
Influence on food choices
Healthful food choices
Selecting and storing food
Meal planning
Healthy meals and snacks 
Why WE Eat What We Eat
Kitchen Fundamentals
Adventures in the Grocery Store
Amazing Eggs
Smart Nutrition
Why We Eat What We Eat
Kitchen Math
Helpful Links
Use these links to review work, or APPORPRIATE games when we are in the computer labs.
 Food Label WebQuest


Congratulations!  You have been hired by a major food corporation as head nutritionist in charge of food packaging.  As head nutritionist, your job  will be to determine what nutritional information appears on the food label and to design a food label for the company's newest product. 



As head nutritionist, you will complete the following tasks before attempting to design your label.   In order to accomplish your task, you must  first conduct research and undergo specialized training on food labeling rules and requirements.  You have been asked to learn all you can about food labeling guidelines and requirements before designing the label for your new product.  You will need to periodically submit your work to the supervisor for approval before continuing. 
  • Instructions:  When you click on this link, save this in your class folder on the student shared drive.

  • Save as scavenger hunt.  Type your answers right under each question.

    • Instructions:  When you click on this link, save this in your class folder on the student shared drive.

    • Save as food label worksheet.  Type your answers in the blanks.

    Planning a Food Label

    Review the following websites before attempting to design the label.


    Create a Food Label 
    Go to Sign up. This will be where you will turn in your current events each week. To find the due dates, look on the calendar or on your paper. These dates are non-negotiable.
    Once you have signed up for Penzu go to Sign up. The class code is facs1. This is where you will "tweet" your links or anything else that is assigned for class. Check this often! I have included an example of what your current event should look like. DO NOT COPY MY CURRENT EVENT.
    There are bookmarks of where you can find current events. I could only place four, so you will need to search other sources for current events. If you need any help, please ask!