Welcome to the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools' website for online learning. 

Guidelines and Procedures


NCVPS Guidelines 
  • Seniors needing a course to graduate may take NCVPS courses.
  • Students (9 - 12) with scheduling conflicts may also take NCVPS courses.
  • WSFCS students never pay tuition.
  • Visiting students can take NCVPS courses but will need to pay tuition through NCVPS.
  • The grade received for the online course will be included on the student’s transcript and as such calculated in the student’s GPA and class rank.

Visiting Student’s Guidelines
Registration Procedure
  • Student discusses possible registration with the school Guidance Counselor. The student must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file at the home school.
  • The student and parent/guardian complete all pages of the eLearning Permission form and gives it along with a copy of the Orientation Quiz to the Guidance Counselor.
  • The Guidance Counselor signs the eLearning Permission form and takes the completed form to the principal. The Principal signs the form or denies it and gives it to the school Distance Learning Advisor (DLA).
  • If the student is approved by the Principal, the Distance Learning Advisor will print their name and the name of the school on the eLearning Permission form. The DLA identifies if the student registration needs to be coded as EC, 504, or AG and sends it and the Student/Parent NCVPS Course Agreement to the District eLearning Coordinator (Fax # 336-661-6546).
  • The High School/Middle School Division Assistant Superintendent approves or denies the registration.
  • If approved, the District eLearning Coordinator enrolls the student in the course.
  • The Online Course will be reflected on the student's schedule and the final mark on their transcript. Final marks will be received into PowerSchool twice yearly (at the end of each semester).
 Student Responsibilities
  • Students must, at a minimum, log into the course the first day and start on their assignments.
  • Students are responsible for keeping up with the course assignments, deadlines and completion of the course.
  • Students will provide the school DLA with his/her active email account. If they do not have one, the students may need to work with the school Technology Facilitator to obtain one.
  • Students must be autonomous learners and self-motivated to manage their own learning environment.
  • Students must be independent learners moving at their own pace enjoying the learning process.
  • Students must be able to organize and manage their time well.
  • Students must be computer literate with a working knowledge of email, the Internet, and basic keyboarding skills.
  • Students must be able to use email and discussion forums to communicate with peers and instructors. 
  • Students must be able to write clearly to communicate ideas and complete assignments.
  • Students must have a strong commitment to learn and achieve through online courses in order to achieve academic success.
  • Students need parental support to ensure that they are successful online learners achieving academic success.
School Distance Learning Advisor Responsibilities
  • The Distance Learning Advisor/Guidance Counselor of the school will ensure that the student has met the proper prerequisites.
  • Ensure that the Parent and Student contact information (email and phone number) are correctly listed on the eLearning Permission form.
  • Act as the point of contact for the students and the parents.
  • Ensure that students have the needed materials.
  • Ensure that students have access to a computer and internet access.
  • Contact the student on a daily basis the first week of the course or until the student has logged in and completed their first assignment.
  • Contact the student once a week (by face to face meeting, email or phone) throughout the course.
  • Assist NCVPS teachers in contacting students if there is a problem.
  • All students taking online courses at school must have equal access to computers, Internet connections, and other resources necessary for taking an online course.
  • Direct the student to the NCVPS Help Desk or the NCVPS Peer Tutoring site if the student is having difficulties. 
  • Home schools will administer the end of course tests.


District Distance Learning Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Enroll and drop (if requested) students in NCVPS courses.
  • Assist the DLA's in obtaining the required information and contacts for the courses their students take.
  • Act as a liaison between the Distance Learning Advisor and NCVPS.
  • Email progress reports to the DLA's.
  • Send NCVPS teacher information to the Data Managers.
  • Email grades to the Data Managers and DLA's of the WSFCS schools.
  • Ensure that the North Carolina virtual learning runs smoothly for the Winston Salem Forsyth County School system.