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 Upon return of the second grade screening scores, typically in February, students who are not identified as either acdemically gifted or highly academically gifted and meet the criteria below will enter the rescreening pool. These students will be able to retake with an aptitude test or an achievement test. The student's parents / guardians will choose which type test the student will take again. These tests are administered during the regular school day.

1.        Score 85th percentile or above on the 2nd grade Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) – an aptitude test.

2.        Score 85th percentile or above on the 2nd grade Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) - an achievement test.


Students who are identified as academically gifted in the intial screening process are not eligible to participate in the rescreening process to see if they can qualify for the highly academically gifted program unless they have at least one percentile score of 99 and another percentil score of 94.

Students who are identified as highly academically gifted in the initial screening round, will not receive further screening.