• ALL students who attend Wiley Magnet Middle School must wear SMOD (Standard Mode of Dress) approved dress every day.


    TOPS:  Any Solid Color Jumper, Dress, T-Shirt, Collared Shirt, Button-Down Shirt, Hoodie, and Jacket or Wiley Wear (school spirit wear) is acceptable

    • NO stripes, plaids, two toned clothing, pictures, graphics, etc. are allowed (Wiley Wear is the exception). Shirts and any outerwear must be free from pictures of anything related to gangs, weapons, tobacco products, drugs, profanity, obscenity, inappropriately dressed images.   
    • NO tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps or strapless shirts. All shirts, sweaters, blouses, tops and dresses should cover the shoulder and underarm and not expose the midriff, upper, or lower back.
    • Material must not be mesh, sheer or see-through. Undergarments should not be visible at anytime. 
    • Shirts should fit so that cleavage is not exposed.
    • Logos must be 1” or smaller (Wiley Wear and Hoodies with College Names/Logos are exceptions)
    • All heavy jackets and coats are to remain in lockers during the day.


    BOTTOMS:  Black or Khaki Shorts, Pants or Skirts and Jeans (denim, black or khaki colored) are acceptable

    • Jeans may not have holes or rips that expose skin.
    • Pants are to be secured at the waist by a belt so as not to restrict student movement or expose underwear. (Remember, shirts are tucked in if they are longer than the student’s wrist). Students cannot hold pants up with their hands.
    • Clothing (shorts, skirts, dresses, etc.) should be measured for appropriate length. If the wearer stands with arms by his/her sides, the fingertips should rest above the bottom of the clothing.
    • Cotton leggings or yoga pants must be in SMOD colors and must have a shirt or skirt that extends to at least fingertip length covering them.
    • NO nylon/spandex pants or leggings, sweat pants, athletic pants, mesh shorts or pajama pants.
    • Belts must be solid color and worn inside the belt loops. NO large buckles, 2” or less.



    • Shoes must be worn at all times! NO bedroom slippers or sandals without a heel strap. No shoes with wheels are permitted.
    • No clothing may be tied or wrapped around a student’s body. (example: shirt/jacket wrapped around neck or waist)
    • No hats, hair curlers, doo rags, athletic headbands or bandanas are to be worn. No headgear should be worn unless approved by administration. 
    • No bead necklaces that extend below the sternum are allowed.
    • No sunglasses are to be worn in school. This includes sunglasses worn on your head. Sunglasses worn in the building will be taken and held until a parent or guardian can pick them up.
    • Symbols, styles, or attire frequently associated with gangs, intimidation, violence, or violent groups will not be permitted. No gloves may be worn during the school day.